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WEGNAAR KIMYA is a Turkish company with 100% domestic capital located in Istanbul. Our product range includes Hygiene and Medical group, Home / personal cleaning, cosmetics and other baby and medical care products.

With the WegNaar brand, which we have created for the needs of the consumers in the domestic and foreign markets with the experience gained over the years, a wide range of products on women's pads, baby diapers, general cleaning, mother and baby, elderly care, home and personal cleaning, cosmetic products, a production process that does not compromise on quality. It is a company that prioritizes customer satisfaction and operates with a product portfolio of European and leading world standards.
It provides not only cleaning, but also 'Hygiene' with its products, which are registered with quality certificates that are accepted in their field at home and abroad, and which are meticulously subjected to quality control stages before they reach you.
With the young and dynamic structure of our company, its service understanding that prioritizes consumer expectations, product development, promotion, promotion and advertising support it provides in the markets where its business partners are located, the WegNaar brand takes its place in the forefront of the shelves and quickly becomes one of the indispensable brands.

           We are currently exporting to more than 35 countries in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Balkan regions.
We use first-class raw materials from world-renowned raw material manufacturers.
We serve our customers with our Wegnaar brand.
Our company has various packaging designs and sizes to adapt to different market demands.
  In line with the wishes of our customers, we make special productions with special names and designs.
Our years of manufacturing experience and our strict Quality Control System enable us to constantly work with the development of new and sustainable products that are rigorously tested to ensure the best quality at all times.